The Before Shot

Tomorrow I’ll go to my hairdresser/barber the second time this year. I feel that my beard is getting annoyingly thick and I’ve grown a small mullet. But before that I wanted to illustrate how I think I look right now. So I draw a picture, but I felt that in the drawing me and my beard were not plausible: I knew that my beard would not look that good and I knew that my face is a bit fatter. So I draw another picture. And it had the same problems. So I drew a third one. Well, my hair most likely looks better than in the picture, and my face is not that twisted, and the beard looks thicker than it probably is, but since in whole the third drawing is not embellishing reality I let it slide.

You can see the process here, and you can also see what the “reality” is. I hope I can avoid seeing the photo…


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