Self-portrait as Cooper doppelganger

Ok, so before I could start watching the new episodes of Twin Peaks I had to watch the last four or five of Season 2. And since the last frame of Season 2 is so iconic, I thought that that I would like to do a self-portrait out of that.

Well, this is what happened. This is me as Agent Cooper’s doppelganger, and I have to say that this is so far the self-portrait that I’m the least satisfied with. I even tried to fix some of the most glaring probems with the painting after I had already thought it’d be finished, but it’s still… you know, too light. It has other problems too, I know, but the main thing is that it’s too damn light. And I’m too lazy to correct that.

Edit: After going to the bathroom and seeing my mirror covered in bubble wrap, I feel that this picture has so much potential to my process that maybe I’ll return to it later this year.



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