Mobile photos from a road trip

It was a warm and sunny spring day yesterday, so me and two of my friends decided to have a road trip to a nearby town Pori to check out an acclaimed art exhibition and visit a couple of flee markets on the way there. I can take as many selfies as I want during A Different Self-Portrait process, but since I’m not allowed look at them before the year ends it would be difficult for me to post them anywhere when they’re still fresh – and looking at someone’s seven-months-old road trip photos interests few (unless the photos are exceptional). So, to circumvent this “problem” I decided to draw myself into the published version of my trip. And here they are: me having a single beer, me at the exhibition, a self-portrait that I did at the “children’s section” of the museum, and me jumping at a beach in Rauma. (I forgot to take my notebook with me so I had draw on the empty pages of a calendar…)


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