Self-Portrait as Susan Sontag


There are no clear reasons for this drawing, but the road to it is simple. First, as a teenager I saw a documentary called Town Bloody Hall (1979). I knew of Norman Mailer beforehand but everyone else on the film was new to me. I remember being somewhat interested in Susan Sontag and Germaine Greer, but in the end I think I ended up reading nothing they’d written. Still, Sontag has a distinctive “celebrity name”, so I never really forgot her.

Yesterday I watched a documentary Regarding Susan Sontag (2014) and in it was a scene where Andy Warhol was taking photos of Sontag. Someone (I don’t remember who) described Susan Sontag as very photogenetic but Sontag herself said that she was never comfortable in front of a camera. That got me thinking about my recently found dream about being a model (it’s a joke, but then again, not) and how I do like being in photos but how I seldom know how to pose – or how to just be myself when someone points a camera towards me. I’d rather if pictures of me would ooze more confidence than awkwardness (or drunkness or absent-mindedness).

But, yeah, then I thought I’d like to see how I would look if I’d channel Susan Sontag’s photogeneticy through doing a version of this picture of Sontag in Rolling Stone magazine. And that’s that. Hence the drawing above.


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