Watercolour Elvis

Today is a sunny day in Turku so I decided to have a midday jog. As I was coming back home the Sun hit my eyes and blinded me a bit. At the same time a woman passed me by and I realized that because of the brightness of the Sun I had a classic Elvis grin on my face. You know the one with the other side of the upper lip with a slight gnarl. The idea amused me so I thought that I’d like to see what it looks like and hence this small reconstruction of the moment.

My choice of medium was watercolour because of the sun and the momentness of the moment. Working with watercolour has always been a weakness, because I don’t have enough patience nor skill nor vision for it. But still I try – every now and then. In fact my old Russian (leaded!) colours are supposed to be quite good, but that helps me little.

But, yeah, this is me in my black-and-yellow beanie having an Elvis grin in the middle of a jog.



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