A Different Self-Portrait: What and how

OK, in this site I will write in English quite seldom (and you will soon find out why). But just in case some non Finnish speaking people want to know what I’m trying to do with this project, well, I’ll do a short introduction.

I am an artist and A Different Self-Portrait is an art project. For one year – that is 2017 – I will avoid both mirrors and other reflecting surfaces and I will not watch photos of myself and I’ll change my profile photos in different websites to such that I will not see my face. That in itself is not art, so my aim is to draw and paint self-portraits by heart and read and write about not seeing myself. I will not blabber about selfie culture or of deeper meanings in how self-portrait has changed in time. I am intrested in the philosophical, social and historical aspects that cross with my process, but I don’t want to promise anything. If I encounter something that I find interesting, I’ll surely let everyone know about it. Or at least everyone who reads these pages.

It’s been now almost three weeks of trying to avoid my face in mirrors and in photographs, and I have to say that it’s been difficult – occasionally. I’ve seen myself a few times for I have for a second forgotten that I’m not supposed to look at myself in the mirror or in the reflection of a shop window. To notice a mirror and to glance at it is a habbit. But the next second I have remembered to look away, so it’s been eighteen days of not really looking at my face, and that’s quite a long time for me.

I don’t necessarily like my face – it’s not the best nor the worst – but I do like my hair and I do like to see myself in pictures. Of course I don’t think I look good in every picture but I feel that I enjoy seeing myself more that people in general.

But, yeah, now I’m walking in a mist, looking at other peoples faces, and I hope that sooner or later I will find them more interesting than the one face that I can’t look at.


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